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Air kencing berbuih

Air kencing berbuihAir kencing berbuihSAYA berusia 38 tahun. Saya sering mengalami masalah air kencing yang berbuih. Bagaimana masalah itu berlaku dan adakah ia membahayakan kesihatan?

Pedas, Negeri Sembilan


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  1. sham air kencing berbuih is caused by the presence of protein in ur air kencing.dats means ur kidney doesnt work properly..dats an early symptom which may lead to critical kidney failure..anyway do u hv diabetis or high blood pressure since these two hv a larger contribution to kidney failure..if u hv so decrease the intake of food dats rich in carbohydrate(rice,potatoes) and glucose and any mknn berlemak..take care of urself.