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Mariage Astrology | Husband and Wife, passion, sex and relationships, romance

Mariage Astrology | Seks Suami-Isteri | Bercinta Dengan Suami Orang | | Suami Cepat Tewas | Berbagi Suami | | Kisah Suami | Info Seks Suami Isteri | Sarapan Buat Suami | ghairah suami | Husband and Wife, passion, sex and relationships, romance
Rat Husband and Rat Wife
A bit too much togetherness. The may both be too conscientious and domesticated. When they are too alike, they could suffer from overexposure to each other's personality. Mr. Rat could be more easygoing than Mrs. Rat here, who may have an inclination to be fussy and bossy. Two worldly and calculating signs who may watch each other rather intently and not like the close-up picture they see.

Rat Husband and Ox Wife
A happy combination. The affectionate Rat husband will be very attractive to his security conscious wife. He is a good provider, which is the chief requisite in her book. She, on the other hand, is more than dutiful, competent and reliable. She will love attending to all his needs and will keep his house in order. Under this arrangement, they will no doubt admire each other's qualities and each will do more than his or her fair share. The ardently demonstrative Rat could make the Ox lady more responsive and less obstinate.

Rat Husband and Tiger Wife
He is success-oriented and a home and family man. She is affectionate and generous but very unconventional. They will have a lot in common as they are both sociable, active and have many interests. He will seek power and riches and she loves the prestige and recognition it provides. However, he could be resentful of her unpredictable manners and she may criticize him for being niggardly at times. But both are basically optimists and will try to work out their differences or call it quits.

Rat Husband and Rabbit Wife
This match may not bring out the best in each party. Both are charming and pleasant but not selfless and dedicated individuals. They could be friendly and sincere but constant coexistence may create a strain on both of them. He is possessive and romantic and she tends to be too passive in her response to him. Expectations on either side may be greatly reduced in the final accounting.

Rat Husband and Dragon Wife
These two share courage and determination and will find a bright and rewarding future together. They will not try to restrict each other unduly and the Rat will find his Dragon wife an admirable companions if she is not overbearing. Both are very competent and have enough self-assurance to trust the other. They will look at the brighter side of life and enjoy a very gratifying relationship.

Rat Husband and Snake Wife
A union made up of two possessive partners who are realistic enough to make all the necessary adjustments if they find much to admire in each other. The Rat man will value the Snake's brilliance and tenacity while she finds him ambitious and clever enough to set up house with. Of these two materialistic and performance-conscious parties, he may be the more adaptable and easygoing. She is cautious and he could rely on her excellent ability to sniff out those traps. The Snake also finds the Rat's devotion very touching and will respond passionately.

Rat Husband and Horse Wife
Both have independent and active spirits. But he will be very irked by her restlessness and inconsistency. She, on the other hand, will be unhappy and nervous with all his bickering ways. They cannot appreciate each other's way of thinking and may not try hard to work together.

Rat Husband and Sheep Wife
The Rat may not like setting up house with an oversensitive and impractical Sheep lady. She, on the other hand, will respond only when she is pampered and indulged. The prudent Rat may conclude that she is too expensive to maintain and she may find him too calculating and greedy to suit her tastes Neither of them is openly combative but they could harbor deep resentments and be very frustrated and dissatisfied by doing so.

Rat Husband and Monkey Wife
Strongly compatible as he will fall for her charm and ingenuity and she will find his go-getter attitude very admirable. They are both achievement-conscious and will push each other up the ladder of success. They are not hypersensitive and can accept each other's faults with understanding. They could work together or choose separate paths or careers without any trouble. Likewise, they will be able to smooth out any rough spots in their relationship.

Rat Husband and Rooster Wife
Will not blend together well. She appraises him critically and finds him wanting. She means well and feels obligated to call his attentions to all his shortcomings. He finds her eccentric and overly analytical ways very annoying. He cannot avoid resenting this and feeling hurt. He wants a doting wife, not a psychiatrist. She is surprised he is resentful and labels him ungrateful.

Rat Husband and Dog Wife
Both are peace loving and independent. He can be hard working and energetic and she will be loyal and tactful. The Dog wife is warm and responsive and the Rat husband is charming and equally affectionate. The danger in this match is that they may both do too much compromising and end up with a too bland relationship that makes them uninterested in each other.

Rat Husband and Boar Wife
Both have a great zest for life. They will find each other attractive physically as well as mentally. But both signs are too optimistic and imprudent and thy may just push their luck too far. Neither has enough willpower to apply the brakes and provide a stabilizing force to the union. They need something concrete to seal the marriage.

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